Property Management & Consultancy


CEED provides qualitative property advisory and consultancy services to high net worth clients within and outside Africa through CEED Properties, the property investment and management arm of the CEED Group. 

The major scope and activities of CEED Properties include the following:

      • Purchase, sales and management of properties for investments, residential, retail and commercial purposes.
      • Provision of property finance and management consultancy services, especially through loan structuring and mortgage planning.
      • Support to foreign and non-resident investors with regard to property lettings, relocations, disposals, mortgage brokerage and legal compliance.
      • Negotiating massive cost-saving purchase deals for buyers of point-of- auction or repossessed properties, for which there is a growing demand.
      • Assisting property investors and potential homeowners with realistic and profitable rental deals such as short-term lease and commercial rentals.
      • Facilitation of investments in special property deals, such as purchase and management of guest houses and hotels.
      • Raising offshore capital for estate development, mass housing and other high capital needs property development projects at affordable interest rates and realistic terms.

Special Benefits to Foreign Property Buyers

A foreign investor or non-resident that is buying property in South Africa for the first time needs accurate information on the market situation and trends, especially with regard to the specific location of interest. Also needed is the correct information about the best property prices for the area of choice, as well as how to go about securing a realistic and affordable mortgage, together with accurate information on legal conditions and documentation, among others.

In all of these situations, you need the kind of professional guidance and assistance, which CEED Properties has provided to non-resident buyers and foreign investors for more than 15 years. We provide tailor-made solutions and a one stop support service, which include property purchase, sales, lettings, relocations, disposals, mortgage planning and brokerage, as well as legal regulation compliance. Our goal is to ensure that foreign investors and international buyers get value for their investments and enjoy a safe and painless experience in the process. 

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