Corporate Training Services


CEED facilitates short courses and training programmes for the enhancement of people and organisational performance. With several years of hands-on and continuous delivery of quality service to satisfied clients across diverse business sectors, we are able to provide training solutions that align with our clients’ critical needs.

The major short courses and training programmes on offer are highlighted as follows: 

    1. Coaching & Mentoring Master Class

CEED’s Coaching and Mentoring Master Class is a power-packed coach-mentor training programme designed for managers, team leaders and supervisors in particular. This 2-Day specialised course is the missing link needed to get more out of people, and achieve more with little in the workplace.

The course, which activates the personal transformation experience of key managers and leaders, provides practical coaching and mentoring tools and techniques to achieve individual “response-ability”, as well as personal and team accountability. The goal is to facilitate optimal performance within the organisational structure. 

    1. The Business of Coaching

Every professional coach must also learn to operate their coaching business as a proper enterprise that is creating sustainable value and making profits. This 2-Day workshop is designed for people that are either currently operating a coaching business or intend to establish one. The workshop focuses on the key aspects of making the business of professional coaching profitable, sustainable and successful.

Some of the focus areas include business finance and financing, marketing intelligence, research and development, business management tips, client service, business systemisation and autopilot planning, joint venture and collaborations, among others. People that should attend the training programme are practicing professional coaches, aspiring coaches and people aligned to coaching or coaching-related careers 

    1. Performance Management & Coaching

CEED’s Performance Management & Coaching course provides tools and techniques for setting, monitoring and amplifying performance standards in the workplace. This course is essential for all organisations that wish to attain and maintain top staff performance. The easily adaptable coaching tools it provides further promote superior performance.

The course specifically facilitates measurable appraisals, improvements, efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in managerial performance. It also presents the most realistic approach to integrate a practical performance management system within the overall management of the organisation, for best results.

    1. Organisational & Change Management

Change is an integral part of life, and must therefore be embraced by individuals, teams and groups, especially in the corporate business environment, where managing external and internal changes often remains a challenge. This course provides solutions to deal with, overcome, and benefit from these changes by presenting strategies that blend change dynamics for the benefits of individual persons and teams.

The course presents innovative and practical strategies to embrace and implement necessary change in a rapidly changing world. The benefits of planned change, as well as the effective utilisation and management of the change in this regard are manifested in steady growth and sustainability. The course is a must for everyone that is involved in managing or leading change, especially at managerial level. 

    1. Effective Communication Skills Training

Effective communication skills are essential for everyone, especially leaders and members of high performance teams. Communication skills in this regard improve team dynamics and enhance performance. That is the focus of this training course, which provides practical tools for effective communication in all aspects of personal and work-related relationships.

The course mainly concentrates on developing individual ability and building capacity through increased personal awareness, energy and control, as participants learn how to transmit messages with clarity and positive impact irrespective of the environment. It also equips them to make necessary adjustments to overcome all possible communication barriers.  

    1. Public Speaking Training

CEED’s Public Speaking Training programme is a valuable course for people that desire to build their confidence and improve their ability to command and engage an audience. The skills and insights provided by this course are what you need to communicate more effectively irrespective of the audience.

Specifically, the course positions you to distinguish yourself through your ability to deliver concise, clear and informative presentations, as you communicate more effectively with people. The practical course enables you to understand and utilise the power of diction, tone, body language and engagement when speaking publicly. 

    1. Leadership & Supervisory Skills Management Course

This highly specialised management course helps team leaders, managers and supervisors to better understand their roles and responsibilities in the most “response-able manner”, as it provides tools for achieving sustainable organisational goals. The course presents the unique mix of leadership attributes and qualities, which are required to successfully lead people and organisational teams.

The course emphasises the power and influence of creative management and committed leadership in motivating people along a course of action and sustaining the energy of high performance teams. While it focuses on how to establish clear outputs for subordinates, it also explores the skills and behaviours needed for managing self, in overcoming the key challenges faced by most team leaders, manager and supervisors in the workplace and corporate environment.

    1. Emotional Intelligence: Personal Mastery & Team Building

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognise and manage your emotions. It is a measure of your understanding of how your emotions affect/influence you and people around you, hence ensuring that you know how best to manage your emotions. The course provides tools for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management, in facilitating correct attitudes and improved performance.

The course is especially useful for people with a desire to handle stress better and enjoy personal wellbeing, or those that wish to improve decision-making, lead a happier lifestyle, manage more productive work teams, reduced talent loss and increase workplace productivity. This is an essential course for every successful team leader. 

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