Professional Coach-Training


Many people are seeking ways to improve their ability to help others to achieve success in diverse areas of their lives. Some of these people have discovered that coaching is a realistic route, and are therefore eager to enroll for well-structured professional coach training. CEED Group offers that wonderful opportunity to become a trained and certified coach. Now you can coach others more confidently as a certified coach.

CEED Group has established a joint venture with the renowned International Coaching and Mentoring Institute (“ICMI”) to jointly facilitate training for individuals that desire to acquire professional coach training and become certified to operate successful coaching businesses. ICMI, which is a provider of top quality coach-training, certification and post-training support services, is recognised as a centre of excellence for coach training in Africa.

The available coach-training programmes are highlighted below: 

    1. The Basic Coach-Training Course

The Basic Coach-Training programme is an introductory coach-training course. The course exposes you to the power and potential of coaching, in unlocking and unleashing potentials. It provides practical tips, tools and techniques to coach others to set and achieve goals, as well as to produce excellent results in life and at work.

The course, which facilitates the ability to coach others, also provides tools to optimise leadership, management, communication, people, negotiation and sales skills among others. The course is of particular benefit to people in leadership, supervisory and management positions that have the desire to get more out of people through inspirational engagements rather than coercion, intimidation or manipulation.

    1. Professional Coach-Activator Training

The Professional Coach-Activator Training Programme provides the required solid foundation for a resourceful and impactful professional coaching career. The course exposes you to time-tested coaching tools, techniques, processes and models to co-create the coaching framework and work effectively with different personalities.

The course is designed for people that wish to become professional coaches as an additional career or capability. It is also useful for team leaders, corporate managers, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs. Anyone that desires to improve their leadership/management skills and performance should register for this programme. 

    1. NLP Coach-Training Course

This powerful programme provides you with the right information and tools to effectively ‘probe’ and ‘provoke’ individuals to understand and control their emotional states, so that they can attach true ‘meaning’ to “what they want”. It is all about facilitating self discovery, especially through rapport and anchoring.

This course is particularly great for new, aspiring, budding and established coaches that desire to improve their coaching skills through NLP action-learning and other powerful coach-training tools. The course is also useful for people who wish to educate and improve themselves in effective communication and self-awareness through learning and adapting new behaviours to create desired outcomes for self and others.

    1. Applied Coach-Leader Course

This programme, which provides the precision models and tools to help leaders attain work outcomes, is the missing link in transforming self and others to unlock organisational potentials.  The results manifest in significant improvements in leadership credibility, team cohesiveness, workflow efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

Among those that should attend this course are: company directors, executive leaders, top management staff, senior/middle managers, team leaders/supervisors, public service administrators, talent managers, HR managers and practitioners, as well as business owners and managers

    1. The Specialist Coach Training

The Specialist Coach Training programme is a one–on-one coaching master class for career coaches that desire to specialise in a specific coaching discipline. This custom-designed coach training initiative is what you need if you are a coach with professional skills and experience in a specific discipline.

The course is specially designed for professional coaches with the intention of building their coaching career around their specific area of core competence, knowledge, skills and experience.  Others that should attend the course are coaches that wish to invest their knowledge in specific niches in order to “cream the market” and be better positioned to offer specialised coaching solutions.

    1. Certified Master Coach Programme (CMC)

The Certified Master Coach Training Programme is an advanced coaching programme for active and practicing professional coaches, offering the benefit of continuing coach and coaching education. The course provides fresh coaching insights as it exposes the coach to new and current coaching trends, advances, developments, opportunities and possibilities globally.

The programme serves as a very useful refresher course for practicing professional coaches who must remain at the top of their game. The professional development and continued support that come with the programme are designed to help you to step up and offer top quality coaching solutions and services to your clients.

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