Executive & Leadership Coaching


Every would-be successful leader of men in the corporate world is confronted with the challenge of thriving in the current era of volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity (“VUCA”). And, it is at times like these that smart companies engage experienced coaches to work alongside key leaders and managers in the workplace, because they realise that going it alone is no longer an option.

Our one-on-one executive and leadership coaching programme is designed for the benefit of company executives, directors and other management staff, as well as for all business leaders and business owners irrespective of business type and size. Others that can benefit from our coaching intervention are public service administrators and heads of government agencies.

Our Approach

Our approach adopts a combination of leadership coaching workshop facilitation and one-on-one coaching engagements, aimed at bridging knowledge gaps and building capacity in eight (8) core areas of corporate management. The eight core areas are: Confidence, Conflict Management, Courage, Communication, Consistency, Credibility, Collaboration, and Care/Compassion.

Our engagement in this regard provides unparalleled insight into the essence of your uniqueness as an influencer and impact leader. There is no greater investment that you can make to ensure solid results that guarantee optimal value to you as an individual, your team and your organisation or business than this coaching intervention.


Specific Benefits

      • Transformed organisational productivity through improved behaviour, attitudes, mindsets and learning capacity of key corporate leaders and managers.
      • Realistic alignment of your internal (mind) resources to create the best possible balance of personal life, work, cause, calling and destiny.
      • Confidence to seamlessly exercise leadership power, influence, authority, tact and accountability to empower others and achieve best results.
      • Skills to become impact coach-leaders and mentors (not just managers) to team members, direct reports and subordinates.
      • Authenticity in personal identity and intentionality regarding beliefs, values, lifestyle, strengths, challenges, vulnerabilities, opportunities and course of action.

*You have all it takes to be an effective and inspirational leader. Let us support you to be the best that you can be – the limitless leader. 

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