Business Solutions

CEED offers business growth support services to businesses of all types and sizes, as long as they have growth potentials. Our solutions, which involve business turnaround and transformation strategies, are primed to take your business to new heights. They derive from the “S.M.A.R.T.” acronym: Solutions; Markets; Advancements; Reliability; Talents. Our solutions in this regard leverage on your business uniqueness and value offerings to enhance competitive and comparative advantage by unveiling the hidden wealth within your business.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

CEED’s strategic one-on-one executive and leadership coaching engagements are designed for everyone with corporate leadership and management responsibilities. These include company directors, business owners, top management staff, as well as middle managers, supervisors and other team leaders. Our coaching solutions facilitate ‘limitless leadership’ evidenced by effective leadership through transformed mindsets, behaviour, attitudes and learning capacity. These are the most essential drivers of organisational growth, productivity and all-round performance.

Professional Coach-Training

CEED partners with the International Coaching and Mentoring Institute (ICMI) to provide professional coach training, certification and post-training support for inspired individuals that desire to become trained coaches. This professional coach training is especially useful for people that intend to operate professional coaching businesses. It also benefits corporate leaders, managers, supervisors and team leaders that wish to get more out of their people through powerful coaching methodologies.

Corporate Training Services

CEED facilitates short courses and training programmes that stimulate personal inspiration, enhance team cohesion, improve service delivery and increase productivity in the workplace. Our corporate training programmes are designed to optimise skills, build capacity and enhance performance, in order to develop areas of weaknesses and bridge knowledge gaps. We also offer these short courses and training programmes as in-house programmes, which are customised for a particular organisation, focusing on their specific area(s) of need.

Financial Advisory & Project Funding

CEED provides financial advisory and project funding services for economically viable projects irrespective of the type and industry of the projects. These projects must however have the potentials to contribute to people and community development. The role of CEED is to facilitate the process of positioning the projects for funding in ways that most project owners are not able to manage. The goal is not just to provide access to affordable funding by reducing the costs of borrowing, but to also provide high levels of comfort for our clients. Capital raising in this regard could be for business expansion, restructuring, recapitalisation or strategic investments.

Property Management & Consultancy

CEED Group has for more than 15 years been involved with the purchase, sales and management of properties for investment, residential, retail and commercial purposes in South Africa. Our services are particularly useful for interested foreign investors in South Africa’s property market and non-resident property buyers. CEED Properties, the property investment and management arm of CEED Group assists such investors and buyers with end-to-end solutions, being a one-stop shop for your SA property needs.


Management Consultancy & Projects

CEED Group offers diverse consultancy and business support initiatives to businesses across different sectors of the economy. Our services, which relate to specific or general technical, professional and management support services, are designed to promote and advance our clients’ projects. Our low-cost and high-impact project management and support solutions specifically help you and your business to save time, efforts and money through outsourcing. Our clients in this regard count on us to use our expertise, experience and networks to get more done for them at minimal costs.

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